Interpreter Agustina Marianacci

Look at this badge I got in the mail today! The agency I work for, who works together with the New Zealand Ministry of Justice, finally sent me the new badge I have to wear when I go to court.

I had an interpreting job at the Wellington District Court on Friday and I was truly surprised by how many different languages were being spoken there. It almost seemed like English-speakers were a minority. And I’m saying this because it took me by surprise, even though I live here! Raising awareness about how multi-lingual and multi-cultural our surroundings are is very important. Different languages and cultures make relationships and societies more intricate, in a good way. Think about how little you would know about the world if you couldn’t see that there are people who are different from you. Difference should create empathy, not fear.

I have an AVL interpreting job next week. “AVL” stands for “Audio Visual Links”, the system used by New Zealand courts which enables the judge, the witnesses, the defendant, the jury or the counsel in a court proceeding to appear remotely. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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