Things of Interest, by Serena Chen and Sophia FrentzIf there is something I like, that is sociolinguistics. If there is something I like more, that is smart, young women speaking about interesting things. So no wonder I was immediately hooked by this episode of Things of Interest, a podcast hosted by Serena Chen and Sophia Frentz.

The episode revolves around language and communication, peppered with a little bit of everything, from racism to memes. It focuses on the ways in which we have changed language to accommodate for the fact that, nowadays, a huge part of communication takes place over the internet in purely written forms. It also points out how this is then consciously or unconsciously transferred out of the computer and into our everyday, face-to-face interactions, thus changing the way in which we speak in general.

I found this conversation between Serena and Sophia very interesting, enriching and motivating. Young and fresh. Sometimes it is hard to understand that certain behaviours that are found amongst the younger generations are valid and worth investigating. As a Spanish copy-editor and proofreader, I spend a lot of my time correcting other people’s use of punctuation, but it is important to see that communication and language go well beyond that formal, prescriptive medium. To me, this podcast is a friendly reminder of that, so I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

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