I offer a personalized service to suit your particular needs. I establish fluent communication with all of my clients and offer high-quality services based on research and experience. I believe in the importance of providing my professional linguistic guidance and advice while listening to what you have to say.

The Translation Process

1) Exchange of Information

The first step is to establish communication. E-mail me with information about the documents that you need to translate (languages, word count, any particular details, deadlines, etc.) and, in return, I’ll send you a quote free of charge. No commitments whatsoever.

2) The Translation Itself

If the quote works for you, I’ll translate the document from English into Spanish or from Spanish into English. I begin by conducting research of the key concepts. In the process, I might need to contact you to ask about certain choices you might have, always having the purpose of your translation in mind. Good communication ensures high-quality outcomes.

You can choose to have a bilingual glossary created that can be used in future translations. You may have certain formatting requirements. You may also ask for a rush service if in a hurry. Whatever you need, just let me know.

3) Editing

Once the translation is finished, I go through it comparing the source and target texts to ensure that nothing is left out. During this process, I also focus on consistency and accuracy.

4) Proofreading

The proofreading process is all about the target text. I read it once more to ensure that it is perfect. I revise punctuation, spelling and sentence structure, and I ensure that the translation reads as smoothly as the original, achieving the same effect.

5) Formatting

During this stage of the process, I compare the target to the original to make sure that they look the same. I concentrate on changes in the font, margins, spacing, bullet points, etc. After this is finished, the translation is ready to be turned in.

6) Always There for You

Once the translation has been turned in, I will always be available to assist you and answer any related questions you might have.

Bear in mind that you can contact me to carry out only a part of this process. Have you just written an article and would like somebody to edit it and proofread it for you? E-mail me with more information!