Happy International Translation Day 2016!

International Translation Day 2016
Source: Pin Up Translator

I came across this image and thought it conveys the perfect message I want to transmit today.

Happy International Translation Day! Thanks to everyone who fights on a regular basis for translators’ rights; to all translators who are permanently improving themselves and learning new skills; to all the people who are constantly working to consolidate our profession; and to all linguists who strive for perfection while understanding we are allowed to make mistakes, because we are human.


St Jerome, My Mate, and the Reason Why I Translate

Today, hours before International Translator’s Day finishes everywhere in the world, I’d like to write down some personal thoughts about this profession that I am so in love with.

I like to think of Saint Jerome translating the Bible into Latin because he wanted to bring knowledge to the people. And yes, I know this may or may not be true, as it was Pope Damasus I who commissioned this huge job, but I like to think of Jerome as the essence of what, in my opinion, translation stands for: a bridge between knowledge and people.