I believe it was 2021, in the very midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, when my dear colleague Alejandra González Campanella approached me with an idea: editing a special issue on a scientific journal about trauma and interpreting. “I’m in”, I said, even though I don’t think it was exactly an invitation. Since that day, it took us over a year to get that issue published. We contacted the New Voices in Translation Studies editorial team and never looked back. We happily became guest editors in a team of welcoming and flexible scholars who were happy to offer their support while also letting us lose to do what we thought best.

I don’t think either of us anticipated the amount of work we ended up dedicating to this. The whole project was a journey in the sense that we’re probably different people now because of it. We have learnt so much that we can only be grateful. And proud. Definitely proud. The issue is comprehensive, fresh, global and compelling. Everything from the research articles and the practitioners’ commentary to the book review and the abstracts is tied together, offering a different angle on the issue of trauma in interpreting.

Read the whole issue here. It includes our editorial, five research articles, one practitioners’ piece, one book review and two PhD theses. All of it open access, available for free.

To cite the special issue:

González Campanella, A., & Marianacci, A. (Eds.). (2022) Special Issue 27 on Trauma and Interpreting [Special Issue]. New Voices in Translation Studies, 1(27). https://www.iatis.org/index.php/new-voices-in-translation-studies/item/2606-new-voices-in-translation-studies-special-issue-27-2022

To cite our editorial:

González Campanella, A., & Marianacci, A. (2022) Editors’ Introduction. New Voices in Translation Studies [Special Issue], 1(27), i–vi. https://www.iatis.org/images/stories/publications/new-voices/Issue_27-2022/Final_Editorial.pdf

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