Hello, everyone! It’s been a while! 2017 has been a long year, what can I say. I revamped this website, though, so you’ll have to give me some credit.

I’m back here to share this beautiful certificate I got from the people at NZTC Interpreting, from the New Zealand Translation Centre, one of the translation and interpreting agencies I work with as a freelancer.

Certificate of Medical Interpreter Training

I finished this medical interpreting course a while ago, after sacrificing a good number of sunny Saturdays. Totally worth it, though. I learnt so much! Unlike most courses these days, this one offered an introduction to the human body, as opposed to general information and theory about the interpreting profession. The course was based on the book Introduction to Healthcare for Spanish-speaking Interpreters and Translators by Ineke H. M. Creeze, whom I was lucky to meet throughout the development of the course. NZTC was smart enough to fly people in from the Auckland University of Technology, and the quality of the content was right up there. There was plenty of information, there were practical tips and also discussions about real interpreting scenarios in the medical field.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the book as well. There are several versions of it, based on different language pairs, as well as a general version in case you are one of those cool interpreters/translators with a more obscure language combination. In the case of the language specific ones, expect wonderful, useful glossaries at the end of each section. I’m pretty sure the general version of the book is based on the New Zealand healthcare system, so it would be really useful if you are new to the country and need to learn the specific terminology and the steps of the Kiwi system. Great source of reference, trust me. Perfect to brush up on specific terms and procedures before an assignment.

Already making plans for 2018 and some further professional development. I’ll keep you posted.

Comments, ideas, suggestions? Share them with me!

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