NZSTI Conference 2015: Conflict and Communication

NZSTI Conference

Attending NZSTI Conference in June 2015 was quite an experience. What a good opportunity to learn and meet fellow translators in a country in which I’m still a little bit of a foreigner.

Props to NZSTI (New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters) for such an excellent organisation.

Stuart Prior‘s keynote address was certainly a highlight for me, but I learn from every single one of the presenters.

And, at the conference, foreigners were a majority. So much so, that it made it feel a little more like home.

Can’t wait to attend next year’s in Christchurch!

About the Author Agustina Marianacci

I’ve been actively studying the English language since the age of 5, when my mother decided that speaking English would be an asset for me in the future. I don’t think she anticipated how much of an asset and what an enormous part of my life it would turn into. I’m now a full time English-Spanish translator, editor and interpreter living in Wellington, New Zealand, blogging about languages, this beautiful profession and other such things at

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