Most governmental organisations require documents in a foreign language to be translated by a professional before they are turned in. In the same way, legal documents need to be translated following very specific guidelines.

Agustina Marianacci: NZSTI Certificate of MembershipImmigration New Zealand, for example, explicitly states that all translations “must be certified as a correct translation made by a person familiar with both languages and competent in translation work”, as well as “bear the stamp or signature of the translator”.

As a full member of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters, a national representative body, I can offer certified translations from and into English or Spanish. These translations are sealed and can be accompanied by a Translator’s Certificate, in which I declare to be a professional translator, a member of NZSTI and fluent in the source and target languages.

If you need a certified translation, contact me with the details to obtain a quote free of charge.

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